Earn up to $10,000

Referring Real Estate to

Greg & Nathan Ottensmeyer​

Father and Son Team

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“You Can Earn up to $10,000 Just by Telling Us about a Property”

Here’s how it works: Simply send us as much information as you have on ANY kind of real estate, in any location, using the form below. If we buy the property, you get paid 10% of our cash or equity profit. It’s just that easy.

We’re interested in almost any kind of real estate – residential, commercial, lots and land, and non-conforming, in any location and regardless of price. When we buy real estate, there is never any commission or fees; and we pay all cash.

Father and Son Team

Hi, we’re Greg and Nathan Ottensmeyer, father and son, and we’ve been successfully buying real estate for our family portfolio for 40 years. We enjoy making fair deals, where everyone is happy and everybody’s financial goals are met, for our family and yours. That is our promise and our business model, because we profit when you profit.

Refer More, Earn More - Make It Your Business Too!

There is no limit to the number of properties you can refer; you can refer more to earn more. The only properties we are not interested in are grave plots, timeshares, and properties listed by real estate agents. However, if a property is listed by an agent and hasn’t sold in a reasonable time, we may be able to give the owner options to sell it quicker.
We’ll call the owner, get the full story, and when the property is sold you get paid.

Agreed: A finder’s fee of at least 10% of the net cash or equity profit to Greg and Nathan is due and payable to you, the referring party, upon settlement of the property you referred. Once you refer a property and we sign a contract of sale with the owner, settlement generally happens in about 30 days.